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(Apr 23, 2018)
What's good, guys? I was thinking about old games I used to play when I was younger and I remembered PS2. Just popping in to say hi again. Take care of yourselves out there, boys.
(Sep 25, 2017)
I'll be checking back here every once and awhile
(Sep 25, 2017)
over 4 years later I never did find any of you guys after the collapse. I ended up joining DPSO back in 14 through 15, I Moved to emerald NC if anyone reads this. I still have pictures and videos from our fun ops.
(Aug 03, 2017)
yeah i joined the wild cards i thought of restarting AxD but i do like the wild cards lol
(Jan 22, 2016)
Started up PS2. Just dropping in to check on my old outfit. So hello.
(Sep 29, 2014)
Long live, AxD.
(Dec 13, 2013)
I'll try to be more active in the few coming months but I'll be busy with life and shits. VS in connery is really turning into shit tbh, I missed coordinated teamplay with axd
(Dec 13, 2013)
(Dec 13, 2013)
So far Arthur, its gonna be a nig turn out... lol
(Dec 12, 2013)
Alright, let's see what happens with this. I had a talk with Spaz and we are both willing to try and restart AxD but we are not 100% sure we have enough time to do so. Who will see this and want to join us?
(Oct 05, 2013)
My god. People still come here more that I thought. Guess I want to say I'm sorry that this fell apart guys. We were still the best, the biggest, and the most purple though. It was some good gaming with you.
(Sep 16, 2013)
(Sep 08, 2013)
dat nostalgia, i can't take it
(Sep 08, 2013)
gosh i took a break and it's all gone. idk if you guys remember me, this weird asian guy with ultra cool accent but still. good times back then. seeing that this outfit is gone, I don't feel like going back and starting to play again.
(Sep 08, 2013)
Oh well, planetside has changed so much, I have changed a lot too. Whatever, good times I've had in ps2 with you guys, unforgettable ok. Farewell peoples. idk :/
(Sep 02, 2013)
what happened here i left for 6 months to come back and find the outfit has disbanded :( if any one is looking for me im still on connery vanu but im with a group called DPSO(dropping Purple Smoke Overpowered)
(Sep 01, 2013)
weeeeeeeee :)
(Jul 28, 2013)
I'm not 100% sure since my mic broke and i haven't played since, message Frugal or SpazKing on steam, I believe they are our most active players
(Jul 27, 2013)
moved to*
(Jul 27, 2013)
dang... is there a clan that most ppl most to or anything or shall the search start anew?