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Spazking / Mar 02, 2013
Apex Dynasty was originally created with one thing in mind - coordinated squad tactics. Strong together, weak alone. We stand as an unified force that can adapt to any situation.

Listen to your Squad leads and Officers. Make effective call-outs. Fill necessary roles. Your voice matters. We want to hear everyone having a good time but limit social chatter to non-combat breaks.

Above all, be and asset - not an ass.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, feel free to message any officer on here or in-game.

scoobydoo / Dec 09, 2012
New changes to the forum have been made! We are also working on updating the look of our website! We are expanding our reach, we will soon be able to be found on Twitter, Steam, and other gaming sites! We plan on introducing new outfit events and divisions as well. We have just begun the new phase in our recruitment efforts and we will soon begin to take on new members and officers. Therefore, outfit operations might get a bit busy, but every issue will be addressed. All your participation on the website, mumble, and in game is highly appreciated!

Thanks for being apart of our community!

scoobydoo / Nov 26, 2012
The officer meeting has changed times to meet accomidations for people, mainly myself. :P But, we will be going ahead with the meeting tonight at 6pm PST, bringing down to an hour early. Officers please try to make this meeting, it's important! Also, there will be an optional meeting for members and officers afterword, where we will discuss any changes that we are going to make.

Thanks for your patronage!